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Suman Vermi Compost

How to Use?

How To Use Suman Vermi Compost? Vermicompost can be used for all crops: agricultural, horticultural, ornamental and vegetables at any stage of the crop.

  • For General Field Crops : Around 1.52 ton/hectare Suman Vermicompost is used by mixing with seed at the time of sowing or by row application when the seedlings are 10/12 cm in height. Normal irrigation is followed. OR 1 ton Suman Vermicompost + 1-1.5 Kg biofertilizer/hectare
  • For Fruit Trees : 3 to 5 kg Suman Vermicompost per tree depending on the age of the plant. For efficient application, a ring (1518 cm deep) is made around the tree and water is sprayed on the surface after covering with soil
  • For Vegetables : For raising seedlings to be transplanted, Suman Vermicompost 1ton/hectare is applied in the nursery bed and for transplants,Suman Vermicompost at the rate of 250/350 g per plant is applied initially at the time of planting and 45 days after planting (before irrigation)
  • For Flowers : Suman Vermicompost is applied at 750/1000 kg/ hectare for field cultivation & 250-300 g/plant for gardening application
  • For Gardens : Mix 1Kg Suman Vermicompost in 1litre tap water and spray regularly on plants and grass lawns for complete plant nutrition