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Suman Vermi Compost


How to Use?

How To Use Suman Vermi Compost? Vermicompost can be used for all crops: agricultural, horticultural, ornamental and vegetables at any stage of the crop.
  • For General Field Crops : Around 1.5â2 ton/hectare Suman Vermicompost is used by mixing with seed at the time of sowing or by row application when the seedlings are 10â12 cm in height. Normal irrigation is followed. OR 1 ton Suman Vermicompost + 1-1.5 Kg biofertilizer/hectare
  • For Fruit Trees : 3 to 5 kg Suman Vermicompost per tree depending on the age of the plant. For efficient application, a ring (15â18 cm deep) is made around the tree and water is sprayed on the surface after covering with soil
  • For Vegetables : For raising seedlings to be transplanted, Suman Vermicompost 1ton/hectare is applied in the nursery bed and for transplants,Suman Vermicompost at the rate of 250â350 g per plant is applied initially at the time of planting and 45 days after planting (before irrigation)
  • For Flowers : Suman Vermicompost is applied at 750â1000 kg/ hectare for field cultivation & 250-300 g/plant for gardening application
  • For Gardens : Mix 1Kg Suman Vermicompost in 1litre tap water and spray regularly on plants and grass lawns for complete plant nutrition